Art: Wettbewerb europan 12 Ort: Kaufbeuren, Deutschland Zeitraum: 2013
Planungsumfang: Idee, Konzept Größe: 6,5 ha Team: Alexander Pfanzelt, Moritz Keitel, Max Dünßer, Gerald Haselwanter

The project site is layered with the categories of nature, build- ings and infrastructure. On both sides of the remaining runway natural growing creates a new landscape pattern. The area of the former air base is approximately a quarter of the whole town of Kaufbeuren. Due to the huge area to develope, the idea of the void becomes the driving force. Nature comes in dialogue with built environment. The former runway acts as a catalyzer between the natural and the artificial zone and en- ables an axis of view from the historical town to the Alps. The planetary garden is the main idea for the whole area, with interventions of different intensions. The separation acts accord- ing to landscape patterns. Three zones are characteristic for the project: A. landscape RUNWAY B. landscape NATURE C. landscape CULTURE